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How to wire a 3 pin or 4 pin ISO4400 DIN43650 A or B Electrical Connector

DIN 43650A solenoid connectors here...

How to wire a DIN connector for a solenoid valve. Call us free 0800 808 7799

It is good practice to +ve power supply (Red or Brown wire) to terminal 1

-ve power return (Black or Blue) to terminal 2

 It is however best practise and essential when working in damp environments to achieve our IP65 rating that the correct size of the cable into the conduit entry is achieved so that the rubber grommet fits firmly against the external cable sleeve to prevent water ingress into the connector.

PG9 is for cables 6 - 8mm

PG11 is for cables 8 - 10mm

Also ensure correct fitting of the gasket between the connector and the coil with correct or adequate torque.

Torque Settings:

Strain relief nut: 1.8N/m +/- 10%

Central fixing screw: 0.4 N/m +/- 10%

Contact Screw: 0.2 N/m +/- 10%

It is also important as correct sizing and fitting not only protects the electrical system but also everything and everyone around the connector. Keeping the circuits safe, dry and helping to keep the cable securely fixed in place. 

Schematic of DIN43650 Din Connector

Orientation of the connector is also important  
Make sure the cable conduit entry is facing down and that the electrical cable has sufficient slack in it so that it drops under the connector and back vertically up and into the conduit entry of the plug. This will help prevent water ingress into the connector keeping it safe and water droplets will fall away from the conduit entry point. 


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