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Solenoid Valves UK Company News

2017- November - Several months have passed but we have been quite busy in the back ground. The Issue 4 Ultimate Valve Catalogue has arrived, over 200 pages of our most popular solenoid valves, electric and air  actuated ball, angle, pulse and precision valves, pneumatic valves both hand, mechanical and foot operated 3/2 5/2 and 5/3 way, standard and high pressure 316 stainless FRL's and even air line fittings. An external sales executive with over 20 years product experience will join the team later this month to promote sales and market brand awareness.

2017 - May, seems it has been a very long time since we looked at this page, so apologies for this. So here is a brief catch up on what's been going on. Global Online presence has grown significantly, the development of mobile device friendly informative fast and SEO optimised replaced the very first original website.

Looking for new products we focused on a brand specific our Shako dedicated store offering the full range of Shako manufactured products, with prices, discounts, technical information and online ordering and global shipping. This has been more successful that we had anticipated and continues to grow globally.

Coaxial solenoid and pneumatic externally controlled 2/2, 3/2 and modular valve technical website that has been completed

The coaxial valve store is yet to be completed,

Many new products continue to be added to our ever growing portfolio, which can be seen here,

We have 2 additional employees, Kegan in sales office and Josh in warehouse, both a valuable assets to the continued growth, and interviews are progressing for an accounts person to allow me more time to write, learn and promote the company forward through to and beyond 2020.

Price increases - we have not have any price increase since before 2009, even with the Brexit killing confidence in the £ pound. There has been good recovery as expected but full recovery is still a way off, and I am sure there will be positive and negative fluctuations on our return journey to normality. Price freezing has been achieved buy bulk purchasing (increasing popular stock), growth and amazing support from our global suppliers. Whilst stock levels have now breached £1,000,000, this is probably going to continue as new product sales grow and stock levels stay ahead of expectation.

New Catalogue: Well we are over due on this, our issue 3 although still valid for prices is somewhat lacking for our new products, for which there are many. All being well, I plan issue 4 before the end of 2017, to fit in between new accounts person and a very special new global online store that will replace store v2 

We have worked hard and are ready for new ISO9001:2015, our UKAS accreditation and inspection is Due late 2017.  

2018 July Connexion Developments Ltd will be 20 years old!!

2014- March Solenoid valves On Line Store has moved forward well and we now welcome Jonathan on board into our IT web design development team. Jonathan bring a wealth of knowledge, programming and technical expertise to us. Combining Eliott and Jonathan into our On Line Presence and Marketing Team is proving to be a very prudent strategy. Just visit our On Line Store and see for your self, there are some big surprises due soon so keep checking.
2014 - February - Second ISO9002:2008 UKAS accredited sales office internal audit passed with flying colours. Well done sales and admin team Connexion!!. Our only minor fault was the lack of automated daily data back up reports which we resolved during the inspection. We originally thought this UKAS Certified ISO9002:2008 procedure would only help draw in more blue chip customers, but in fact our Solenoid Valves UK ISO9002 UKAS procedures have achieved this and pushed our standards of acceptable quality several steps forward. Well worth the financial and time expenditure rather then those cheap fake non UKAS certified systems. As you know any ISO9002 certificate without the UKAS Tick and Crown is really a worthless fake. 
2014 January - great steps forward for the new year already, our solenoid valve on line presence has moved forward beyond expectations with more than 535 solenoid valves and other associated products now live on line with almost every option of seal, orifice, coil size, safe or hazardous area choice, port size, voltage and quantity, along with data sheets and images to help. The addition of special purpose, Explosion Proof, High Pressure solenoid valves continues with much more to follow. Thanks to Eliotts great efforts demonstrating his IT excellence and helping us constantly improve our customer on line experience.

2013 - December Full new search functionality and valve PDF data sheets added into on line store. Visitors can enjoy automated real time searching by typing in almost any solenoid valve part number or basic valve description and enjoy fully automated drop down compatible product lists with pictures, description and pricing live feed as you type. This search engine has been especially programmed for our site, taking our on line store beyond anyone’s expectations. Well-done Connexion IT Crew.
2013 - November - Another great month but more importantly stages 2 and 3 of on line presence completed. Our on-Line store has been released. Full range of solenoid valves, FRL's both standard and high-pressure stainless steel, pressure control valves and actuated ball valves etc. Customers can search by type, function, size, part number and brand with a fully functional valve on line check out facility and shipment tracking.
2013 - August - again great month - best August sales in company history well done team Connexion.
Also best invoice to error ratio achieved at 2% - this includes all discount / price errors, wrong items / quantity sent, late delivery, goods lost, damaged or late too.
2013 - July - a great month - best July in company history - well done team Connexion. Our couriers upgrade their service and allow customer a secure 15 minute delivery window and live on line tracking of their shipment. This is great news as many customers need to know precise ETA of urgent deliveries thus helping everyone in the Team Connexion circle exceed all customer expectations. 

2013 - June to September, well our new IT Guru Eliott has been beavering away quietly in the background to design and develop make a new website. In fact he has managed to raise the bar on this issue quite considerably when you consider he is also making an on line store as well. Customers will be able to find their solenoid valve, filter regulator or pressure control valve with all options available such as size, thread, pressure, body and seal material, orifice, ATEX or Safe Area, manual over ride or reset etc all on line, for same day despatch or pre order. No small challenge when there are so many different combinations of solenoid valves and their options. 

When stage 2 is complete customers can complete their on line purchase and check out too. Stage 2 due for completion by end of October 2013. 

Stage 3 due to be finished December 2013, although more products will be added, updated and expanded over time finalising with the completion of stage 4 to follow by second quarter of 2014.

Take a look around for yourself at that already has functionality links to the solenoid valve on line store.

2013 - June - we are happy to announce the arrival of new full time employee Eliott, fresh from a life time studying Web Design and IT development with a mind full of fresh ideas and as sharp as a razor. Welcome to team Connexion Eliott.
2013 - May - NEW Product News!! Shako NUFR + NUFRL 1/4 to 1" Filter/Regulator and Filter/Regulator + Lubricators have arrived in stock.
Reflected on this months aMAYzing FRL 60% Discount Offer. 
Shako NEW NUFR Filter Regulator SeriesShako NUFRL Filter Regulator Lubricator

2013 - Shako confirm that the PU220 and PU225 series 2 Way Solenoid Valves are ROHS Compliant.
2013 - Shako SPU225 Series 2/2 Way Pressure Assisted / Floating Diaphragm Solenoid Valves are now fully ATEX Approved. Connexion Developments have been able to fitting the Nass Magnet ATEX EExmIIT4 coils to Shako solenoid valves for many years. The launch of the ATEX Approved 316 Stainless Steel Solenoid Valve body from 3/8 to 2" BSP included, the SPU225 series solenoid valves can be used in Hazardous Areas. Please click here for ATEX certification.
2013 - April Shako visit our UK offices to promote the NEW NUFR Filter Regulator and NUFRL Filter Regulator Lubricator range. Shako have been manufacturing and developing FRL's for more than 30 years. The new Range of NUFR and FRL's available from 1/4 to 1/2 BSP are all 100% tested to 15 Bar prior to despatch, offering extremely high and accurate flow rates with compact robust design, strong pressure regulating piston and the ability to refill the lubricator whilst under working pressure. To commemorate the launch of this New Filter/Regulator and Lubricator Range our May special offer will allow customers to buy a high quality product at an amazingly low price. Keep your eyes open or look at our FRL page.
2013 - March Solenoid valve SAH features a piston PTFE seal instead of a diaphragm seal and a maximum operating pressure of 40 bar, a perfect universal process solenoid valve for water, air, and neutral media. Bottling (secondary circuit), irrigation, well engineering, sanitary engineering, water treatment, mixing plants, pipeline construction and pneumatic automation systems are ideal choices for this process valve with the added bonus of 316 stainless steel as a body option and ATEX EExmIICT4. Deliveries are normally fast and the addition of the SASHH 80 Bar and SAHHH 120 Bar solenoid valve offering process engineers fast cost effective high quality solutions to exceed most system requirements.
2013 - March - Solenoid Valves Mainland Next Day Time Predicted delivery system and charges remain unchanged at only £7.95 or FREE Solenoid Valve deliveries for orders over £200 net. How our charges are more transparent and simple for Solenoid Valve deliveries to Scottish Highlands, Southern Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scottish Islands. Click here to find out more about our Solenoid Valve deliveries.
2013 February 13 we gained ISO9001 Registration with ACS Registrars Quality Assurance and gained full UKAS (with crown and Tick) BS EN ISO9001:2008 certification.  
Remember, being assessed by an accredited organisation is very important. It helps reduce risks, increases opportunities and gains more commercial value than using a non-accredited body. Accreditation proves that the certification body have the necessary professionalism and expertise to conduct assessments and gives additional purchaser confidence. For this reason, accredited certification holds greater commercial value and integrity than non-accredited approval. Our ACS accreditors have been examined and approved by each accreditation council to assess companies in specific industry sectors. It shows that they have the necessary professionalism and expertise to carry out ISO assessments, which gives clients more confidence.
Remember without the UKAS Crown and Tick the 9001 is not monitored or checked by any UKAS certified body and is generally regarded as worthless. Unless of course you either cannot reach the standards required or enjoy being laughed at for paying something every year that has no genuine accreditation or commercial value.  

Solenoid Valves UK UKAS BS EN ISO 9001:2008 ACS Registered Solenoid Valve Company

2013 - February Shako supported Brass Solenoid Valve Special Offer so we will be the Lowest UK Solenoid Price based on Quantity, Quality and Service. With Shako support we are offer the PU220 Series Brass General Purpose Hung Diaphragm (also known as Assisted Lift) 2/2 Way Normally Closed Series suitable for Vacuum, Water, Air, Gas or Fluid sizes 3/8" BSP, 1/2" BSP, 3/4" BSP and 1" BSP from UK Stock with NBR, EPDM or FKM Seals. Discounts exceeding anything ever released before. Hold on to your hats - this solenoid valve special offer has been released - read about our Lowest Price Ever Brass Solenoid Valves.   
2013 - January - This months special offer is for the final 7 remaining Nitro Buggies/Truggies + Monster Trucks and the last remaining 250 Car In A Can. Sorry these are the last few but an order is now in the pipeline for something very different and quite radical too. We are trying to have ready for the February special offer but it might need to wait until March as these are Brand New Products to be found no where else. Expect a News Release in February just after the Feb 14 HOT NEWS EVENT!!     
2012 - December welcomes Mr Page our new addition to Connexion Developments Solenoid Valve Technical Sales Team.  
2012 - November - Solenoid Valves are now delivered utilising the next day PHDS (Predict Hour Delivery System) offering a one-hour delivery window helping customers get their parcels "Right First Time". A notification shipping address confirmation Text or E mail is sent to the customer the moment the parcel is wrapped and labelled so you can be confident your order is on route to the correct delivery address. Another E-mail or Text notification is sent early on the day of delivery advising the THE HOUR in which the shipment will be delivered. If it's not convenient you can use the same notification text or e-mail to simply RESCHEDULE the delivery or divert your shipment to a neighbours address and receive a notification when delivered. Reducing wasted waiting time  and allows for better time and project management. 
2012 - October - Solenoid Valve Stocks have grown again in line with customer demands.
A view of Brass Shako 2/2 Way Normally Closed Solenoid Valves stocked Sizes 3/8 to 3" BSP.
Left Hand Side 9 bays of 0 to 16 Bar Rated Hung Diaphragm Brass Solenoid Valves also know as Assisted Lift or Kick Pilot Solenoid Valves - ideally suited to Closed Loop pipework systems, Low Pressure Gravity Fed systems and Vacuum applications requiring high flow.
Right Hand Side 9 bays of 0.5 to 15 Bar Rated Floating Diaphragm Brass Solenoid Valves also know as Pressure Assisted or Pilot and Servo Assisted Solenoid Valves - ideally suited to open to atmosphere pipework systems, Medium and High pressure systems requiring high flow. 
Combined with huge additional stock of Nass Magnet Safe Area standard system 13/30 and high power system 13/36 IP65 and Hazardous Area EExmIIT4 coils that can be fitted to our full range of solenoid valves to suit every application. Note that all Shako Solenoid Valves now come fitted with Nass Magnet Coils as standard ensuring longer life and maintaining our company's commitment to quality of product and service. Obviously we also have great stocks of Stainless Steel, Plastic and Flanged Ductile Iron Solenoid valves for most applications along with Angle Seat Piston Valves, Steam Solenoid Valves, High Pressure Solenoid Valves to name but a few . 
solenoid valves UK guaranteed stock next day delivery
2012 - October Special FREE Nitro Powered 4WD Buggies Free for monthly orders accumulated over £2000 net!! Christmas is coming and these Nitro Buggies are Great - Choice of Nitro Buggy, Nitro Monster Truck and Nitro Truggy all fitted with the upgraded high performance 7CXP Nitro Engine already fitted with all the ProRace upgraded metal parts.
2012 - October - Connexion Developments Ltd (Solenoid Valves (UK) Ltd) launch the worlds first Solenoid Valve Iphone / IPad APP for solenoid valves and water control valves. The APP is free to download and has full search functionality designed to help users locate valves by Part Number or Valve Specification. Simple menus, Quick Call and Quick E mail buttons designed to minimise user time to find answers quickly. Connexion Developments are very proud to be the first in the world to offer this free service further demonstrating a continued commitment to constantly improve customer service.

Worlds First Solenoid Valve App for IPhone and IPad.

2012 - September - Another great month during challenging times - Many thanks to our new Sole UK Agency agreement.
2012 - September - Connexion Developments Ltd are appointed as Sole UK Distributors (Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England) for Z-Tide Valves Industrial Company Ltd (Z-Tide Group) full range of water and pressure control valves. This is an honourable achievement that reflects the trust, hard work and commitment to success after 12 years working together. Special thanks to Mr David Wu and Mr Liao Hsu of Z-Tide Industrial Company. 
2012 - August Special Offer - Free Bugatti Veyron with your order!!  Wait for more new son this amazing offer soon!
2012 - July - IP68 approval gained (IEC 60529:1989 +A1:1999 and EN 60529:1991 +A1:2000) for our solenoid valve coil series WPG1 and WPG2 to a depth of 1.3 Meters are fitted as standard (At no extra cost!!) to the Solenoid Valve Series AD6000, AD8000, AD612, AD1550, ADF, SAP, SAHH, SAHHH, NOAD612, NOHPV, VX, ADS6000, ADS8000, ADS812, ADS1550, ADSF, SAPS, HPVS, SASH, NOS812, NOHPVS, SA, SAF, NOSA, NOSAF, PA, NOPA, ADF68, GAB312, GAB412, MDF and GAB313.  
2012 - Special Offer for FREE Weber® Charcoal BBQ's will end soon I am sure - the weather has to improve at some point and in readiness we are ahead again. Keep your eyes open for the next incredible special offer - it's an offer you will never believe with a reduced Target too and we are already organised samples on the Craziest ever Solenoid Valve Special Offer for October!!
2012 - July - New Phone System installed - With Full Caller ID so we know who and where you are before we even answer the call. Linked to our new customer database, customer details and discounts are shown quickly improving service. Dedicated numbers are being installed for General Sales - Technical Sales - Despatch/Tracking - Quality Control - Stores - Accounts and The Company Directors. This will expand further in the coming year - constantly improving customer service to a whole new level.
2012 - June - New Eco Packaging Machine installed. Recyclable inflatable air bags now fill our made to measure boxes and export cartons keeping our solenoid valves safe, clean and correctly protected whilst helping to save the environment. 
2012 - June - Stores have expanded further in line with sales demands. More racking bays - more solenoid valve stock leading to better delivery times to our customers even for bulky orders and flanged solenoid valves. With constantly more powerful purchasing power we can obtain cost savings that we consistently pass on to our customers. That is why we are able to hold our prices through the whole of 2011 and 2012 even with material price increases!!
2012 - May - Fantastic Month - Not Only Best ever Month in Company History, but buy some miles thanks to biggest ever ATEX EExdIICT6 order from the Middle East for Hazardous Area Solenoid Valves. As it is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) we are promised a repeat order again this year, so there will be huge celebrations here again at our offices in Yate. It just goes to show that with hard work and dedication focused to quality and service that even in more challenging times a great team can pull together and push the company forward to great success. Very well done to Team Connexion we are all very proud of you. You can find Team Connexion leading the way on YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.
2012 - May - Pallet lifting and shrink wrapping equipment installed. Stores Team can now put the larger heavier orders on pallets, professionally wrapped ready for fast safe and reliable shipments anywhere in the world.
2012 - April - Due to regular requests for special application degreased solenoid valves we have installed a heated stainless steel degreasing machine utilising a special water based non flammable degreasing solvent.  This is a great asset for degreasing solenoid valves for clean working applications and all valves can be disassembled cleaned checked reassembled bagged and correctly labelled within 24 hours.
2012 - March - Due to good company growth over the past 12 months sales team are delighted to announce the arrival Mr Marshall into our Sales Team. 
2012 - March - Best Month in company history so far helped from a nice ATEX EExdIICT6 High Pressure Solenoid Valve Export order to Middle East. Well done Team Connexion great Export Sale Increase- Keep up the great work!! 
2012 - February - Best Month in company history so far - well done Team Connexion. Export Sales showing great growth.
2012 - January - We have changed couriers - Not a decision we make lightly either. Now our parcels are booked on-line and our customers receive Email notifications at time of parcel system entry so they know the order has been received and the delivery address entered. An additional email notification is sent in the early hours of the day of delivery with the expected delivery hour! So customers know 30 minutes either way the exact delivery time!! Another step further Exceeding Customer Expectations.
2011- December Stocks exceed £1,000,000. Connexion Developments Ltd solenoid valve stock breaks £1 Million barrier. Managing Director Michael Freye says "We have seen best growth within the OEM market where we sell higher quantities of solenoid and angle seat piston valves albeit at lower profit margins. This has meant a jump in stock levels which we had planned for when buying our new premises back in the beginning of 2010, but had not anticipated it so soon." Connexion continues to grow and as planned exceed all expectations. If you have an enquiry and cannot find a solution maybe you should seek out the Connexion Sales Team call them Free on 0800 808 7799 or Free Fax 0800 808 7700. 
Please let us know how we can improve our service to you.
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2011 - September - Best Month in company history - well done Team Connexion.
2011 - October - Due to good growth over the past months we are delighted to announce our New Team Member Mr Thomas as assistant to our stores team. Great young man with a great future ahead of him. 
2011 July - Just for those whose web browser settings do not like our new Turn Page 160 page PDF Solenoid Valve catalogue.

2012 Full PDF Solenoid Valve Catalogue

2011 - April - Special Thermal Labelling Machine installed utilising a custom made Thermal/Oil Resistant Polymer Labels - Now custom made and modified solenoid valves can be correctly labelled giving part number, port size, pressure and temperature and voltage ratings and do not tarnish, fade or break away in hot, humid or challenging environments. 
2011 - February - The New 2011 Issue 3 Solenoid Valve Catalogue is here!! 160 Pages of full colour solenoid valves, Pressure Control valves and angle seat piston valves. Keeping to the existing tried and tested format Connexion have really pushed the boat out this time. All of the special purpose solenoid valves have been removed from the catalogue and replaced with more UK standard models more in line with UK market demands. Additionally the catalogue has included a NEW range of Stainless steel FRL's, Stainless Steel Angle Seat Piston Valves, Stainless Y Filters and a whole Range of Water and Pressure Control Valves - now available from STOCK. The special purpose solenoid valves are still readily available and Connexion have massively expanded the range to support their Export and Offshore customers. Try our on line product finder, if its a solenoid valve I expect we have it in stock!! Please ask for your copy.

2012 Solenoid Valve Catalogue

2010 - February Connexion Developments Ltd purchase new offices/warehouse at Rainbow Court, Armstrong Way, Yate, Bristol, BS37 5NG. Now with massive amount of additional office/ warehouse space stocks have been able to massively increase ahead of market demands. New IT systems have been installed allowing Connexion service levels to exceed customer needs whilst supported with our great technical sales staff. "Again Connexion continues to grow well even during these more difficult times."
2009 - April 1 - Connexion 15% price increase for all orders received after April 1 2009 mainly due to the weak Sterling/ Euro. This is the first price increase in 10 years. Our new catalogue will be out in the summer so just add 15% until then. In balance we do have a special offer on for the Shako PU22004 General Purpose valves as we have Factory support. Letters regarding this are being sent as of March 27.
2009 - Connexion will launch their new 200+ page solenoid valve catalogue. Hold on to your hats! This one will be better, easier and make buying solenoid valves even better.
Looking for new products?
See our New products section
2008 - Connexion Developments 10th Anniversary with an increased portfolio of solenoid and now with co-axial valves. Connexion now offer valves for Cryogenic applications from Minus -230C to High Temperature Oil and Gas medias up to Plus +300C. Pressures from Vacuum to 700 Bar, Manual Reset, Double Coil, ATEX EexdIICT6, Position Switch and Flange options to name but a few. Connexion are now successfully moving into the High Pressure Oil Pipeline, Offshore, Petro-Chemical and Gas markets around the world.
2007 - Connexion Developments Ltd launch their new website
The New website contains part number and application search engines to help clients find the solenoid valve right for them. Application search engine can be seen clearly on most pages.
Technical Assistance Section with Chemical Resistance Tables, Pressure and Size Tables for engineers. The list goes on and is regularly updated with new helpful information
New Products section giving a short overview of some of the more standard New products available now also listed below on our News page.
2006 - Connexion Developments Ltd launch Issue 2 Solenoid Valve Catalogue 150 Page Full Colour Full-Priced Technical Catalogue with more solenoid valves for more applications.
Full UK distribution network is set up to handle the end user market
Distributor Branded catalogues are printed and distributed.
Special Distributor website launched and on-line catalogue
Distributor software packages supplied to enable effective entry into the UK market. 
2005 Connexion reduce their prices by nearly 40%!!  Now growing so fast that by working smarter and buying in bulk the price benefits are passed to the customer with improved stock levels for added support. Smart forward thinking in the money markets has achieved improved exchange rates so the original catalogue can withstand 2 years more at the reduced price.
2003 - Connexion Launch Issue 1 60 Page Solenoid Valves UK catalogue. The industry first for clear technical solenoid valve information and prices.
2001 - Connexion Developments Ltd launch their first solenoid valve website
2000 - Connexion Developments Ltd joined with ERA-SIB. The product range of solenoid valves expands to high pressure and flame proof EEXD enclosures for off shore and petro-chemical industries.
1999 - Connexion Developments Ltd acquired European agreement for the CS Fluid Power Ltd range of process valves, more than doubling the product portfolio of solenoid valves.
1998 - July 1 - Connexion Developments Limited launched. After 9 months of researching manufacturers around the world on the essential issues of Quality, Service, Price and Availability, Shako solenoid valves emerged as a clear winner in all key areas. With the first Shako Solenoid Valve stock arriving and business starts.
To speak to the UK best technical sales team or just to challenge them with an enquiry please phone 01454 334990 or FreePhone 0800 808 7799 anytime between 0830 and 1800 hours GMT Monday to Friday or Email
Solenoid Valves phone
Solenoid Valves 12v ATEX high pressure Solenoid valves uk Design Solenoid Valves brass plastic stainless steel