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Connexion Developments Uses cookies on our website. To ensure the best use of this site it is important that cookies are enabled.
The cookies that we use are
1 Google Analytic`s - this is a system that tracks your movements around the site, what pages you look at, how long you stay ion the site and other information such as what keywords you entered into a search engine that brought you here. You can read more about Google analytic s here
2 We also use a session id Cookies called ASPSESSIONIDQCARQBBA this enables the site to deliver you the correct results in the site search and also to link you to the correct data sheet. This cookie does not store any personal information.
Connexion Developments believes in the EU privacy law and we are doing everything we can to make sure we adhere to it.
You can also set your PC up on how it sues cookies by going into the internet properties settings, or search cookies from your start bar.
To read more on the EU privacy law go to
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