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How A Solenoid Valve Works

What is a Solenoid Valve and how do solenoid valves work?

A solenoid valve is an electro mechanically operated valve. These valves are controlled by an electric current through a solenoid in the case of a two-port valve the flow is switched on or off; in the case of a three-port valve, the outflow is switched between the two outlet ports. Multiple solenoid valves can be placed together on a manifold.

Solenoid valves are the most frequently used to control fluids and Gases. Their tasks are to shut off, divert, release, dose or mix fluids and gases. They are found in many vacuum, cryogenic, water, fluid, Steam, gas, oil or air and high pressure applications and controlling other 5/2 way and 5/3 way pneumatic valves or coaxial valves or Angle Seat Piston Valves. Solenoids offer fast and safe switching, high reliability, long service life, good medium compatibility of the Brass Stainless Steel and Plastic general purpose solenoid valves, low control power 12vdc and compact design in sizes from 1/8 BSP to large flanged solenoid valves to flange DN500 sizes and beyond.

2 Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valve.

  • Power Off - valve remains closed.
  • Power On - Armature lifts and valve opens allowing flow from ports 1 to port 2.

Ideal for High Pressure low flow Applications

3 Way Direct Acting Solenoid Valve

  • Power Off - Port 1 closed, port 2 open to port 3.
  • Power On - Armature Lifts blocking Port 3, port 1 now open allowing flow to port 2.

Ideal for Actuator and Cylinder Control or diverting flow.

2 Way Servo Assisted Solenoid Valve

  • Power Off - Port 1 closed.
  • Power On - Armature Lifts, Pressure above diaphragm is released via small pilot hole into port 2 allowing port 1 inlet pressure to lift diaphragm allowing full flow.

Ideal for Open to Atmosphere and medium pressure high flow applications. DP over 0.5 Bar (P1-P2).

2 Way Hung Diaphragm Solenoid Valve.

  • Power Off - Port 1 Closed
  • Power On - Armature lifts connected Diaphragm, Pilot Pressure above diaphragm released into port 2 allowing port 1 inlet pressure to assist lifting diaphragm allowing flow to port 2.

Ideal for Low Pressure, Vacuum and Closed loop high flow pipework systems.

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