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Solenoid Valve Related Products.

Below is a summary of part of the extensive range of solenoid valve related products that we provide. If you have a technical or information need relating to any of the following then phone us free of charge to discuss your needs with our technical sales staff.

Angle seat piston valves: air operated globe valves for the bi-directional or uni-directional on/off flow control or air, water, oil, vacuum, contaminated, viscous and aggressive media. Pressure: 0 to 16 bar, material: 316 stainless steel, seals: PTFE, port sizes: 3/8" through to 3" BSP or flanged.

Solenoid Valve Armature assemblies - 2/2 way normally closed and 2/2 way normally open solenoid valve spare parts pressure: 0 to 50 bar material: stainless steel, seals NBR, Viton or PTFE.

Coaxial solenoid and Pneumatic Valves - 2/2 and 3/2 way direct acting co-ax valves with either solenoid or external air pilot control. Pressure 0 to 300 bar material brass, 304 or 316 stainless steel port Sizes: 1/8 to 2" BSP or flange seals: NBR,EPDM,FKM or PTFE.

Cycle timers: modular fitted cyclic, single shot, repeat and delay shot solenoid valve timers. Electrical DIN 43650 connectors - DIN43650A B and Industrial form electrical connectors with or without internal circuits.

Dust Collecting Valves: Duct collecting pulse solenoid and air operated valves for vacuum bag systems pressure 0 to 7 bar material aluminium seals nylon reinforced NBR, port sizes 3/4" to 3" BSP or 25 or 40mm compression end fittings.

Electrically Actuated Ball Valves: Motorised ball valves with fail-safe closed or fail-safe open in both 2 and 3 way T or L ported design for the control of air, water, vacuum, contaminated viscous or aggressive media. Material stainless steel, seals PTFE, pressure 0 to 10 bar port sizes 3/8" to 2" BSP.

FRL air Treatment Equipment: filters regulators and lubricators and combinations piggy back sets of FRL's for the pressure control, filtration or lubrication of compressed air systems. Material aluminium alloy or 316 stainless steel, pressure 10 Bar, 20 Bar and 30 Bar, port sizes from 1/8" to 2" BSP.

Foot suction valves: Foot strainer suction valves used on water intake hoses to prevent debris ingress and fitted with pump priming device and integral back flow flush system. Material: ductile iron, 304 or 316 stainless steel, seals NBR, pressure 0 to 10 Bar, port sizes 2" to 21/2" BSP or flanged DN50 to DN200.

Magnets : Permanent magnets for the commissioning of solenoid valves when electrical power is not available. Used in place of the solenoid coil these MAGNETS will actuated the solenoid valve into the energised position. Especially helpful as a manual over ride device. Sizes 10mm, 15mm and 18mm bore.

Pilot float valves: Pilot operated or externally controlled float valves for the automated or mechanical control of water tank refilling systems. Material ductile iron, bronze and 304 or 316 stainless steel, Seals: NBR or FKM, pressure: 0.3 to 25 Bar, port sizes: 2" or 21/2 BSP or flanged DN50 to DN500.

Pinch valves: Solenoid operated pinch valves work in conjunction with silicone tubing for pinch to close operation. Pressure 0 to 1 Bar, material brass, aluminium or stainless steel, port 6x4mm, 9.5x6.5mm.

Pressure reducing valves: Direct acting and pilot operated pressure reducing valves designed to reduce and maintain a stable outlet pressure. Material: ductile iron, bronze, 304 or 316 stainless steel, Seals: NBR, FKM or PTFE, pressure: 0.02 to 25 Bar, media: air, water, fluid, gas, light oils port Sizes: 1/2" to 2" BSP or flanged DN15 to DN500.

Pressure relief valves: Direct acting and pilot operated pressure relief or safety valves designed to quickly release system over pressures. Material: ductile iron, bronze, 316 stainless steel, seals: NBR, FKM, pressure: 0.2 to 25 Bar.

Silent check valves: silent full flow non return valves to prevent back flow and protect pumping systems offer full flow uninhibited flow. media Water and non aggressive fluids material: ductile iron, bronze, 304 or 316 stainless steel, pressure: 0.5 to 20 bar, port sizes flanged DN50 to DN300.

Solenoid coils: replacement solenoid coils to fit all of our solenoid valves which will fit some other manufacturers solenoid valves. Sizes from 10mm upwards all voltages including ATEX area. Water hammer arrestors: anti water hammer valves with air pocket designed to remove water hammer noise by absorbing the water hammer shock waves. Material: bronze, ductile iron, 304 or 316 stainless steel port sizes: 1/2" to 4" BSP or flanged DN80 to DN300.

Y pattern filters: Angle filtration units to remove debris and other particle contaminants for liquid or gas media. material: 316 stainless steel, pressure: 0 to 16 Bar, port sizes: 3/8" to 21/2" BSP.