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We have designed this site so that it is simple to use when looking for information relating to solenoid valves with many actions taking only 1 or 2 clicks to get you the information / solenoid valve that you require.

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We understand that the range of options for a solenoid valve are incredibly large & vary subject to such as: media it controls; deployment environment; working pressures & supply voltage to name but a few. We also understand that not everyone works with a solenoid valve every day, even the most experienced engineers & maintenance staff may only encounter solenoid valve technology once or twice a year. Dealing with clients from all industrial sectors & from all parts of the world our technical sales staff are used to helping people choosing the best solenoid valve for the job, or a replacement & more often than not, with limited information.

Solenoid Valve Sales

Solenoid valve sales are handled by one of various on-line stores that we own & operate here in the UK. Information relating to delivery times & costs can be found on each of these external sites. We also provide account & discount facilities for regular clients.

Stock Levels

We pride ourselves on holding 96% of all products we promote in stock & available for next day delivery (UK). If you become a regular account client we will also maintain stock of your regular solenoid valve supplies.